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Host A Book Drive

bookdrive-0415updateAside from drinking delicious coffee and eating out-of-this-world food, the easiest way to support Julia's mission is to host a book drive. It couldn't be any more simple: we provide donation bins and promotional materials, and all the host needs to do is provide a space for the donation bins and spread the word.

We love working with our book drive hosts to ensure that each book drive best fits the host's situation. Right now we have three different types of drives that we do:

  1. Small tote bin. This drive is best for small organizations and is easily replicated across multiple sites. For instance, a company with five different offices in Charlotte could do a company-wide drive by having a small tote bin at each of their offices.

  2. Larger donation bin on wheels. This is the type of drive that we do the most. Most mid-to-large size offices, churches and other organizations choose this type of drive due to its mobility and size.

  3. Neighborhood drive. A neighborhood-wide book drive is an ambitious project, but we have the system, equipment and experience to make it a success. Typically we deliver a tote bag with a letter from the resident/host attached to every home in the neighborhood on one weekend and we pick up the (hopefully full) tote bags the next week. The letter simply explains what the drive is, what we do at Julia's, and how much this book drive can help.

We are more than willing and able to modify these options to make it work for you. If you're interested in learning more about book drives, or are interested in hosting one please, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Book Drive

Are you interested in hosting a Book Drive for Julia's? Your office, church or book club can be a great resource for book donations to Julia's. We provide the containers, you provide the book donors, and all the proceeds support Habitat! Contact us at 704.295.4585 or books@juliascafe.org.

Gift Card

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